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Love for one and all

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
14:52 March 4, 2018

Love for one and all
The United Nations (UN) observes March 1 as Zero Discrimination Day. At present we live in an era of gender discrimination, inequality and intolerance. Discrimination at work place, at school and public places is high. Now we live in a world of intolerance, which is high in some countries, especially in India. Ending discrimination requires efforts from individuals as well as initiative from Non Governmental Organisation’s (NGO) and governments. Every individual has the right to live happily, without fear. We discriminate against people who have diseases and there is discrimination in the economic sector as well. Economic discrimination divides people and nations. On this day, lets strive for a world of equality and zero discrimination, with a smile on our faces and full of unconditional love in our hearts.

From Mr Eappen Elias


A great visionary

This is very true about the late His Highness Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (“Shaikh Mohammad’s gesture overwhelms Afghan carpet seller”, Gulf News, February 25). To me, he was an ideological man. He was a man with clear vision and a clear roadmap. He was a true inspirational leader who knew what his life’s ambition was and how to get there. His practical approach made our lives so glorious and beautiful. Thank you for that, Sir!

From Mr Sheeraz Arif Khan


A commendable record

Indian Air Force flying officer Avani Chaturvedi lands a new record (“Indian pilot Avani Chaturvedi lands new record”, Gulf News, February 23). Chaturvedi was the first Indian woman to fly a sortie – the first step to taking charge as a fighter pilot, and this was good news. It shows that women are capable of handling any profession with interest and dedication. Her 30 minutes trip made a good impression on her instructor and this added to her professionalism. On the coming International Women’s Day, Chaturvedi makes a laudable record. I offer my congratulations to her.

From Mr K. Ragavan


Reduce plastic usage

As I stepped out to breathe in the cool air outside the Dubai Airport and I felt a sense of déjà vu (“UAE organisations to reduce single-use plastics”, Gulf News, February 23). A smile lit up my face as I walked on the lovely streets of the UAE. A place that initially had felt so lonely had opened up the hidden author within me. Returning after a gap of five years, I felt like I never left this place. It felt so much like home! One thing that saddened me though was the amount of plastic people here use! After the Gulf News campaign that I had participated in, I was hoping that the awareness would continue. But instead, I saw more free usage of plastics especially in supermarkets and hypermarkets. I feel this issue needs to be addressed and the awareness campaign could be launched once again in a new light. Surely, all readers will be willing to participate and it could be a big step to save the environment.

From Ms Naina Nair

Abu Dhabi

Bench warmers

It may be true that the wet conditions could be a reason for our loss (“Kohli, Dhoni and Bhuvneshwar rested for T20 tri-series”, Gulf News, February 27). At the same time, failure of on and off shining star, Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma too, is a cause of worry. As per his success to failure ratio, even his next match may be dismal. It is surprising as to why cricketer KL Rahul, who is a better opener that too on bouncy wickets, is being benched for long. I hope he and cricketer Dinesh Karthik, who too is also warming the benches, get at least a match to play!

From Mr N. V. Krishnan


Give players a chance

There are many talented players like cricketer Manish Pandey who have endured a tough time, while waiting for their chance to prove their potential. Unfortunately, players like Hardik Pandey, K. L. Rahul and Dinesh Karthik, seldom get three to four matches at a stretch, like some of the blue-eyed boys. As averred by Pandey it is tough to bat at the fifth position and step into the shoes of players like Yuvraj Singh. Ironically, it is the players from South who get chopped after their failure in one or two games. We sincerely hope that the selectors would give them a chance during the Sri Lankan Triangular series. Unless the selectors try out waiting players, how could they get worthy players for the vacant positions in the team?

From Mr N. Mahadevan


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