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A man who is more complete than others

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

Gulf News readers
17:04 October 15, 2016

A man who is more complete than others

This man is complete - he is more complete than others, as he has so much heart and courage (‘‘Why am I different?’ Meet the man challenging disability stereotypes’, Gulf News, October 11). He is really special and an inspiration to many. God bless him and I believe that he will find love in his life. We must always keep smiling.

From Mr Ahmar Khan


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Makes me proud

Yes, you are right, Mr Ahmar Khan. He is a very inspirational person and I salute him. I’m very proud of him, too.

From Ms Pia Joy Laguna


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So much heart

Such determination, courage, resilience and hard work displayed by this man. There are too many words that come to my mind to describe the Filipino heart. I salute him.

From Mr Ed. Ward


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A real inspiration

I got a chance to know and mingle with this man. He is such a fun and energetic person – a real inspiration. He is not disabled, he has surpassed what many people can do.

From Mr John Barry


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Bless him

Thanks for the good heart of his employer and the good company you are working with. I salute all of them. God bless him. We are inspired and motivated by his story and Gulf News’ coverage. Keep it up!

From Ms Datch Pat


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Never stop

He is the very best inspiration! Let these words of encouragement inspire us all. He’s doing a great job. I salute him! May God shower you with more blessings and love. Always keep going.

From Mr Myrnskie Navales

Manila, Philippines

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Pushing for success

He really amazes me and how even though he has a disability, it is not a hindrance to success. I’m so proud of him being a Filipino.

From Mr Jeyson Lisbo


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Brings inspiration

I’m so proud of him! Even though I haven’t met him before, when I saw the Gulf News video and listened to his voice, I was so inspired. God bless him. I hope he finds the girl who truly loves him.

From Mr Rocel Beter

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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Keep guns away

Humans can live anywhere in the galaxy, but until human beings change their mentality, we will continue to have issues and destruction wherever we go (‘Focus: Living on Mars’, Gulf News, October 7). It’s in our interest when occupying a new planet to keep it completely away from gun violence and weapons of mass destruction.

From Mr Ajay Bhatia


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Careful what you ask for

Hillary Clinton, whom I believe has been a big contributor to this extremely sad and dangerous war zone in Syria, is blaming and vilifying Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Syrian government (‘We are watching the destruction of Aleppo. Where is the rage?’, Gulf News, October 10). The people living in the West are now also dealing with their own kind of internal warfare now with attacks and discrimination. The destabilisation of this region, the weather, Brexit, refugees, job losses, bombings, the US election, and pollution, which are all very real problems, has largely been caused by certain Western leaders and governments. These people have ensured the suffering of their own people as well as those of other countries and destroyed the lives of millions upon millions! Now as societies, we’ve all been devastated in some way. Does anyone see a pattern emerging here that is very concerning? If Clinton gets into power, this is going to be the norm in many other cities, too! I hope all those supporters of her understand just exactly what they are agreeing to.

From Ms Poppe Elis


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Selflessly helping

May God bless my fellow sailors and military personnel that for whatever reason are involved in this mission (‘Suspected Al Houthi missiles target US Navy ship’, Gulf News, October 11). They have selflessly put their lives at stake to protect the world at this time.

From Ms Monia Rafique


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Costs crushing people

The impact of rising costs in Pakistan is crushing the people, especially with the prices of flour, milk, sugar, poultry and meat that is under the control of a cartels in our society who are making hay while the majority of people are unable to make both ends meet. On top, our financial managers have slashed profits on savings schemes by more than 50 per cent to promote the flight of capital to their foreign storing places. While the retired people and widows’ only choice use to be Taj Company in the past, now National Saving Centres have become redundant.

It is high time to ponder upon the choice before us. The French Revolution was ignited by the ignorance of Marie Antoinette, who had said upon learning that the peasants had no bread and were protesting in Paris, France that they should eat cake. Same is the attitude of our government. Our economic managers are also harping on a similar tune that their successful policies have brought milk and honey in the water channels for the advantage of the common man, while in reality it is otherwise. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Divine intervention is the only hope.

From Mr Ali Ashraf Khan

Karachi, Pakistan

The joy in receiving a letter

World Postal Day was celebrated last week. It is yet another day that reminds us of the days when postal letters and telegrams meant everything and were the only means of communication. A letter from a loved one brought joy and happiness. Telegrams contained good or bad news and were opened with a lot of anxiety.

With time and technology, new means of communication have come into effect. People do not write letters as often as they used to in the past. The volume of personal letters sent has drastically reduced and is limited to official ones like bank and utility bills communications, invitations or printed materials like periodicals.

The young generation end up learning the art of letter writing only as a chapter in their grammar books. It may end up as another school activity to score marks in their exams. They may not ever write and post even a single letter in all their life.

Perhaps because I belong to the older generation, which lived through the era of letters, I still prefer holding and reading a letter. I make it a point to physically write and post at least one letter per year and send out cards during festive seasons.

Anticipation is the best joy in life and to experience it we should resume sending and receiving letters in order to experience this joy.

From Mr Eappen Elias


What happened to ethics?

The ongoing debate in the US had its second round where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had another word battle (‘Personal attacks dominate’, Gulf News, October 11). Trump mentioning that if he came to power in the Whitehouse that he would jail Clinton was not at all relished, not only by Republicans, but also across social media. Whenever elections happen anywhere in the world, candidates will use unethical words at each other and the US is no exception. Politics has no ethics and respect. Power plays a vital role and it’s a sad state of affairs.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

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