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  • Bookworms are changing the world
    May 22, 2017 By Rabab Khan, Community Interactivity Editor
    We speak to people running two different initiatives in Dubai, both with a common cause
  • Will you use the new smart poles?
    05:09 pm Marianna Wright, Readers Interactivity Journalist
    With beaches getting smart technology in Dubai, readers tell us if they will use the new service
  • Why can’t I activate my card?
    05:09 pm Manuel Almario, Community Editor
    Bank has the wrong phone number in their system, and customer cannot get it updated
  • A walk down memory lane
    05:09 pm Gulf News readers
    Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community
  • Saving the planet, one bottle at a time
    05:08 pm By Neola CastelinoGulf News reader
    Reader has been depositing plastic bottles at the reverse vending machines around the country
  • Double charges
    05:08 pm Readers Desk
    Reader was told there was a mismatch in the fare of his air ticket