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Developer impounds personal items of residents in Dubai community

Residents shocked after personal items kept in corridors are taken away

18:18 March 15, 2017
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DUBAI: Developer Nakheel has confiscated a large number of personal belongings including children’s toys left in corridors and common areas of buildings in The Gardens.

The move, which has left scores shocked, came after a notice warning residents to remove their personal items was sent about two weeks ago.

“Personal items must not be stored in the common areas outside the tenant’s main door entrance. Bicycles, cupboards, shoe racks, potted plants and baby prams must be removed and kept inside the apartments,” it read.

A reminder was sent again last week. Those who did not pay heed to the notice paid a price. British expat J.P., who lost his Dh5,000 mountain bike in the crackdown, said he didn’t expect Nakheel to carry out the threat so soon. “They sent a reminder email on March 7. My bike was gone by the time I returned from work the following day. I rushed to Nakheel office but they refused to return it. I kept the bike in the corridor as I live in a studio and there wasn’t enough space for it,” he said.

Another resident, Kala Ramakrishnan, said her son has been left heartbroken after his bike and some toys were taken away. “They should have at least knocked at my door before removing our things,” he said.