• February 22, 2018
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Christina Curran

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Christina Curran

Copy Editor
Christina Curran is a pages editor at Gulf News. A journalist for more than 10 years in the UK and Ireland, she spent time in Kenya before moving to Dubai to join Gulf News in 2011.. Follow @gulf_news on Twitter

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    For a lot of us, the only experience we have with mental illness is what we see on TV and in film
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    Who knows how the decades of turbulence have affected people like myself and all those other ‘Derry Girls’ across the whole of Northern Ireland
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    Poetry is the ultimate expression of our emotions as human beings and an art form pure and often purposeful
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    For me, the secret to happiness is not to seek happiness but embrace the craziness and wonderful chaos of every day
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    The point of a Christmas song is to unite and celebrate this time of the year