• May 24, 2017
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Christina Curran

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Christina Curran

Copy Editor
Christina Curran is a pages editor at Gulf News. A journalist for more than 10 years in the UK and Ireland, she spent time in Kenya before moving to Dubai to join Gulf News in 2011.. Follow @gulf_news on Twitter

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  • Ruffling feathers in the Irish capital
    Christina CurranSpecial to Gulf News
    With their matching T-shirts and pink paraphernalia these gaggles of giggling girls (this is why they call us hens!) know how to have a good time
  • Who do you think you are?
    By Christina Curran, Special to Gulf News
    Identity is like a comfort blanket, a default setting for wherever you find yourself in the world
  • The urge for survival runs deep
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    That’s what I’ve always loved about the Irish: The hardship that people experience makes them more tolerant and respectful of those who have also suffered
  • A fusion of faith and fun
    Christina Curran, Special to Gulf News
    Despite the commercialisation of the season, Easter is a celebration of life; a defiant stand against death and darkness that looms constantly around us
  • Time to look around
    Christina CurranSpecial to Gulf News
    I try to describe what I’m looking at and how it makes me feel. I know it sounds strange, but there is a difference between looking at something and really seeing something
  • Of goodbyes and good people
    Christina CurranSpecial to Gulf News
    What matters when we wake up each day is that we are alive now and the actions we take to affect other people’s lives can enhance our own