• February 18, 2018
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Ahmad Mustafa

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Ahmad Mustafa

Dr Ahmad Mustafa is an Abu Dhabi-based journalist. He writes regular columns for Gulf News.. Follow @gulf_news on Twitter

Recent Articles

  • Egypt’s long road to development
    By Ahmad Mustafa, Special to Gulf News
    People expect the government to show them tangible results that economic reform is on track
  • Why Qatar crisis is here to stay?
    By Ahmad Mustafa, Special to Gulf News
    Doha is in denial and will not be prepared to relinquish the terror links 
that made it powerful as a ‘big state’
  • Qatar and the ‘money diplomacy’ strategy
    Ahmad Mustafa, Special to Gulf News
    Approach of ‘money talks’, or ‘money buys it all’ is part of the Qatari way of advancing its policies
  • Qatar deserves no room for manoeuvre
    By Ahmad Mustafa | Special to Gulf News
    The solution lies with Doha and it is their responsibility to show that they changed its policy of supporting extremism
  • Turkey in Syria: More than what meets the eye
    By Ahmad Mustafa, Special to Gulf News
    Erdogan’s forays into Syria are aimed at creating a ‘de facto’ situation on the ground to further Ankara’s objective
  • ‘Moderate terrorism’ as an alternative!
    By Ahmad Mustafa, Special to Gulf News
    Regardless of sheer rhetoric on the need for a political settlement in Libya and a government to be all-inclusive in order to be able to fight terrorism, the reality is totally different