• May 23, 2017
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Science & Technology

  • Time to rethink biases about chiropractors
    May 17, 2017 By Aaron E. Carroll
    For bad backs, spinal manipulation and other therapies seem at least as effective and safe as more traditional treatment
  • The beauty of the cactus
    May 03, 2017 By Natalie Angier
    The prickly plants can persist in some of the world’s most parched and hostile environments for decades or longer
  • Five myths about oceans
    May 03, 2017 By Steve Palumbi and 
Anthony Palumbi
    With their hugeness and depth, the high seas are as vital to life on Earth as terra firma
  • Often undiagnosed pains for women
    Apr 26, 2017 By Hillary Gulley
    Reports suggest that of the 12 to 20 per cent of women who suffer from chronic pelvic pain, not even half discover its source
  • Earth’s accelerating plant growth
    Apr 26, 2017 By Carl Zimmer
    Antarctic ice reveals Earth’s accelerating plant growth
  • Cyborgs at work
    Apr 20, 2017 Compiled by Huda TabrezCommunity Web Editor
    Would you be willing to get microchipped?
  • Dancing is good for the brain
    Apr 19, 2017 By Gretchen Reynolds
    New research is indicating that remaining active by learning how to dance may be a good way to ward off the long-term effects of ageing and fight memory loss
  • Is adrenal fatigue real?
    Apr 19, 2017 By Christy Brissette
    While conventional and alternative medicine are divided on labelling it as a condition, everyone agrees managing stress makes sense
  • The danger of Earth’s orbiting junkyard
    Apr 05, 2017 By Justin Bachman
    Rocket and satellite litter is endangering private space commerce. Enter the cosmic debris tracking industry
  • The hype of the microbiome
    Apr 05, 2017 By Aaron E. Carroll
    Scientists haven’t yet figured out how to translate their findings into easily used treatments
  • A race to document rare plants
    Mar 29, 2017 By Julia Wallace
    Species native to Cambodia’s limestone cliffs face extinction as local companies quarry the karsts for production of cement
  • The fish fight sheds light on the contentious issue of seafood safety, particularly for large, long-lived fish like tuna and swordfish
  • ‘The way farmers farmed for millennia’
    Mar 23, 2017 By Esha Chhabra
    Critics are questioning the ability of biodynamic foods to feed the masses
  • The universe is expanding, but how fast
    Mar 15, 2017 By Dennis Overbye
    Recent measurements of the distances and velocities of faraway galaxies don’t agree with a hard-won “standard model”
  • Breakthrough could cure jet lag forever
    Mar 15, 2017 By Scott Eisen
    According to a study, a protein called REV-ERBa may be the key to unlocking a regular, healthy circadian rhythm
  • Turning the tide against cholera
    Feb 22, 2017 By Donald G. McNeil Jr
    Owing largely to efforts that began in a little-known Dhaka health centre, a way to conquer the long-dreaded disease is in sight