Confidence is the key, says Bari

Pakistan team allrounder Imad wants his team to be consistent

19:14 September 20, 2016

Dubai. Confidence is what Pakistan team is depending on to beat West Indies. At the end of their second day’s training after the team’s arrival for the three match Twenty20 series, Wasim Bari, the team’s manager, said: “The boys are very confident, England were the runners up in the T20 World Cup, and it was a good result against them. So my players feel they are going to be competitive.”

Pakistan considers UAE now as their home ground since they have been playing all their international matches here due to security threats in their country.

However their players still have to get used to the conditions here. The team members had just completed a series in England.

“I think the team who adapts to the conditions will have an upper hand because the conditions are different from what we had in England,” added Bari.

The ICC Academy has provided all the facilities and the different types of pitches for the teams to train. Bari has been very impressed with it and said: “I feel happy that the players are getting more facilities, and that cricket has come up well with the introduction of T20 cricket. I think the game is prospering. I think the facilities are of international standard and nothing short would have given you this reward. It is located in an area where people can come play cricket and enjoy cricket.”

Pakistan All-rounder Imad Wasim who has been training hard since arrival also was delighted with his work out and facilities here. He wants his team to be a consistent team. “We want to reverse our reputation of being an inconsistent team,” he said.

Elaborating on his team’s plans, Imad said: “What we have decided as a group is that we will be consistent, and the label, people say we are inconsistent, which is true, and I think now things have to change for the betterment of Pakistan cricket. We are trying to show the same skill level and intensity as we did in Manchester.”

Imad who wants to flourish as an allrounder explained his personal goals too. “I have my aims and goals, I want to be a person who can be a match winner. I worked really hard when I was young and playing domestic cricket, so I just want to perform for my team. I am a very ambitious cricket and an ambitious human being, I just love playing for Pakistan.”