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  • American epidemic, American consent
    05:12 pm By Charles M. Blow
    It’s not that the law enforcement officials harbour more racism but rather that racism across society has been erected in ways that disproportionately affect poor, minority communities
  • The GOP nominee’s idea of making US allies pay for privileges is dangerously destabilising
  • Greenhouse gas inventory released by the capital reveals that clarity and purpose of the numbers lie in the convertibles towards a shrinking carbon footprint
  • Trump is an autoimmune disease
    05:12 pm By Lucia Graves
    The Republican presidential nominee has used civil society’s defences — the press, the courts, financial regulation — to his own ends, causing untold damage
  • Selfie with shark... anyone for new skills?
    05:12 pm Mahmood SaberiSpecial to Gulf News
    In an era where jobs are risk of being outsourced or being done by a robot, it doesn’t hurt to learn new skills or do the weirdest of things
  • As cleansing as the corruption probe has been, the collapse of Lulismo has also left a crater in the South American country’s political system
  • A hard future awaits UK
    05:05 pm By Anne McElvoy
    No 10 needs to start defining what the gentler road out of the EU looks like, whatever ructions it causes with hardline Tory leavers
  • Juan Manuel Santos talks about the importance of the peace deal with Farc rebels and the upcoming referendum
  • Mothers of the disappeared
    04:58 pm By Anne-Marie Slaughter and Alice Driver, Special to Gulf News
    Constantly at the forefront of human-rights activism on issues like forced disappearance, femicide, and abuses by the military, these affected women refuse to allow their children to be forgotten
  • September 28, 1996: Dettori enters record books
    04:56 pm Francisco Pereira, Archivist
    Today in History: September 28, 1996: Dettori blazes into record books
  • A decisive debate ... or maybe not
    01:30 pm By Gordon Robison, Special to Gulf News
    One disastrous debate can sink a presidential campaign, but there is no certainty that it will
  • At the first presidential debate, the Republican candidate behaved like a heckler at a Hillary speech. The problem is, that may be how a lot of Americans feel
  • Punch Line - Series 31
    07:00 am Gulf News
    No holds barred: Gulf News cartoonists’ take on the world
  • Blame game over Syria as peace remains elusive
    Sep 26, 2016 Compiled by Chiranjib Sengupta | Hub Editor
    Global media weigh in on the worsening situation in Syria as the US and Russia traded accusations over their respective roles and warplanes pound Aleppo
  • Creating a learning generation
    Sep 26, 2016 Felipe Calderon, Former President of Mexico
    Eliminating energy subsidies would free up public funds for scientific research and education, generating benefits for the environment and improving the wellbeing and prospects of the poor
  • Cruz slammed, 2020 opponent must be delighted
    Sep 26, 2016 By Jennifer Rubin
    The Texas senator is not, as he claims, all about putting conservative ideals above blind party loyalty. It is and always has been about him