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  • Merkel faces a delicate balancing act
    05:35 pm By Justin Huggler
    German chancellor distances herself from plan to stop children of migrants holding two passports
  • Its best hope to cope with the threat of increased US protectionism under a new government in US is to speed up governance reform
  • No country for the Rohingya
    05:34 pm By Aijaz Zaka Syed, Special to Gulf News
    Today, when Suu Kyi and her party are in authority in Myanmar, their silence and inaction against crimes unleashed on the Muslim minority is not just indefensible, it is criminal
  • A clear and present danger in America
    05:03 pm By Fawaz Turki, Special to Gulf News
    The threat of discrimination and hate crimes against Muslim Americans was made all too mundane, not only by Trump’s rhetoric but also by people like Michael Flynn
  • The rise of new xenophobia
    05:42 pm By Ngaire Woods, Special to Gulf News
    The rejection of diversity is tantamount to the rejection of democracy
  • Coalition of Syrian, Hezbollah and Russian allies has the prospect of seeing city under government control
  • Watering down climate-change rules not easy
    05:42 pm By William W. Buzbee
    Collectively, law, reality and regulatory choices by states would create a bulwark against abrupt changes if Pruitt and Trump go down that road
  • Money at the heart of the matter
    05:00 pm By Alex Frankel
    Like another poster boy for trickle-down economics — Tony Blair — he has the Teflon gene. Even while presiding over record levels of child poverty, his popularity remained high
  • Public demonstrations against President Park Geun-hye have been peaceful but effective, holding up a new model for the world
  • The annual event has not only attracted the biggest names from around the world, it has pushed homegrown talent to the forefront too
  • December 10, 2006: Pinochet dies
    05:09 pm Abdul Kareem, Head of Archive
    Today in History: December 10, 2006: Chile’s former dictator Pinochet dies
  • We’ll wait until the next time — or will we?
    04:56 pm Cheryl RaoSpecial to Gulf News
    We don’t really care about what we didn’t see. Because family bonding was what mattered to us
  • New regulation in Dubai ticks all the boxes necessary for smart objectives and outcomes
  • ‘Russia doesn’t seek global domination’
    Dec 08, 2016 Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia
    Leadership is identifying real problems facing the world and collaborating to resolve them. This is how Russia conceives its role in the global arena today
  • The bell tolls for the West
    Dec 08, 2016 By Joschka Fischer, Special to Gulf News
    Europe is far too weak and divided to stand in for the US strategically and, without US leadership, the western world cannot survive
  • Once out of the EU, closer ties with the bloc will help build a stable economic future for UK