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  • The collapse of coalition talks doesn’t mean the country is collapsing, but it does show how much the far-right has changed German politics
  • Need to do away with marginalisation of children with special needs cannot be overemphasised
  • How evil is tech?
    05:28 pm By David Brooks
    Instead of claiming to offer us the best things in life, if tech merely saw itself as providing efficiency devices that would be an amazing show of realism
  • The ways of pets ... and some of their owners
    05:28 pm Cheryl Rao,Special to Gulf News
    Our canine was our ‘firstborn’ and as new ‘parents’, we believed that she was the most wonderful creature that had ever walked the earth
  • UAE: Fighting fit and flying high
    05:11 pm By Fawaz Turki, Special to Gulf News
    The country has catapulted itself into history as a multicultural habitat, a cultural hub and a player in the global dialogue of cultures
  • Nov. 25, 2002: UN arms inspectors reach Iraq
    05:05 pm Abdul Kareem, Head of Archive
    A group of 17 inspectors arrived in Baghdad aboard a chartered cargo plane
  • As tensions rise in Asia, Tokyo is going to need to do more — both for itself and for its American friends
  • When our allies are accused of harassment
    05:27 pm By Michelle Goldberg
    It’s possible that feminists, in trying to hold Democrats to standards that they wish were universal, risk unilateral disarmament
  • After 37 years of misrule by Robert Mugabe, now is the time for Zimbabwe to realise its potential
  • Mugabe clung on to power through vote-rigging. The system is inherently biased and needs overhauling before the country can have free and fair elections
  • Woman of substance
    05:02 pm By David Tusing, Editor — Tabloid!
    The fact that her parents are a big influence in her life eventually helped this Indian clinch the Miss World crown
  • The world is passing Britain by
    05:33 pm By Con Coughlin
    While the UK haggles with the EU, a vacuum in foreign policy has emerged from Zimbabwe to the Middle East
  • For all the talk of India as an emerging superpower, the environmental devastation wrought on Delhi surely acts as a brake on growth
  • Despite the mass-murders and rapes, the Serbian warlord is still adored in the statelet from which non-Serbs were banished
  • A very Zimbabwean revolution
    Nov 23, 2017 By Knox Chitiyo
    The country is experiencing an almost unprecedented convergence
  • Britain’s splendid isolation
    Nov 23, 2017 By Mick O’Reilly, Foreign Correspondent
    With year-end fast approaching, UK businesses and corporations are planning for the next couple of financial years — and they don’t like what they see