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  • Her win will say it loud and clear that the US can’t survive the divisiveness that Trump promotes and won’t abide by the bigotry he projects
  • Europe and the rise of radicals
    05:44 pm By Sheri Berman
    With centre-left in decline, it is difficult to build common ground with other outfits to organise democratic politics in a stable way
  • Aleppo will never be the same again
    05:42 pm By Marwan Asmar, Special to Gulf News
    The Syrian city has become a battleground and for the regime, it is make-or-break — a way to stamp its foot on whether to continue to rule the country or lose it
  • UAE’s drive for a knowledge-based economy will ensure closer ties between scientists and the government
  • May’s private pragmatism over the UK leaving the EU is at odds with her ministers’ hard-line fanaticism
  • This moment, this America
    05:36 pm By David Rothkopf
    America is also entering an era in which Hillary offers the promise of a different kind of American leadership — neither the unilateralism of George W. Bush, nor the hesitancy of Barack Obama
  • As I saw in Greece, razing the camp will serve politics, but not the needs of people on the move
  • In private comments pre-referendum, the British prime minister had warned that companies would relocate if the UK left the EU. Yet, she is now pursuing a hard Brexit
  • The books my Dad won’t read? Mine
    05:34 pm Jennine Capo Crucet
    Without warning and before I could articulate an answer, I started to cry ...
  • To be a Nobel laureate is to allow ‘people’ to define who one is. That is perhaps what has kept the celebrated lyricist from acknowledging the laurel
  • How Poland’s Right rules
    05:33 pm By Remi Adekoya
    The Law and Justice party’s enduring popularity after a year in power should serve as a warning for liberals across Europe
  • October 28, 2005: Sant sworn is as Malta Premier
    05:31 pm Abdul Kareem, Head of Archive
    Today in History: October 28, 2005: Sant sworn is as Malta Prime Minister
  • UAE schools need strong governance
    Oct 26, 2016 By Francis Matthew, Editor at Large
    All schools in the country need to help the UAE achieve its Vision 2021 objective of having one of the world’s best school systems
  • US and GCC: Values of a nascent alliance
    Oct 26, 2016 By Joseph Kechichian, Senior Writer
    As sovereign entities that depend on western powers for their defence needs, member-states of the bloc confront serious dilemmas
  • Clinton’s spectre of illegitimacy
    Oct 26, 2016 By Charles M. Blow
    The Democratic candidate’s success is as much a repudiation of Trump’s abhorrence as it is an embrace of herself, but it’s more exhaustion than exhilaration
  • A sovereign state must have control over its territory and natural resources, something impossible with more than 600,000 illegal Israeli colonists in the occupied state of Palestine