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  • Washington should consider bringing in someone like Bolton as special envoy for fixing the nuclear deal
  • Dubai once again leads the way by providing residents incentives which will boost efforts to save our planet
  • The poll success of the far-right AfD party tempers a remarkable result for the leader of Europe
  • US pot calls Russian kettle black
    05:59 pm By Linda S. Heard, Special to Gulf News
    When America accuses Moscow of inference in polls, it should remember that Washington had made 81 attempts to influence foreign elections between 1946 and 2000, including Russia’s
  • Corbyn is hugely popular but the spirit of our age is digital and collaborative. Pluralism and progressive alliances are vital if the party is to own the future
  • A Rottweiler rescue
    05:49 pm Gautam Raja,Special to Gulf News
    Every dog is different, so don’t subscribe to any one methodology
  • Want geniuses? Welcome immigrants
    05:43 pm By Frank Bruni
    Many of America’s finest minds and brightest ideas are forged when dreamers encounter an unfamiliar place with unimagined possibilities
  • Ship sinks after collision in hazy straits
    05:40 pm Abdul Kareem, Head of Archive
    Today in History: September 26,1997 — Ship sinks after collision in hazy straits
  • ‘Jacindamania’ saw a spectacular rise in Labour’s prospects, only to have them hobbled by false National attack ads
  • Zuckerberg has changed the site’s charter to allow him to maintain control in the hypothetical event he runs for office. That’s scary
  • Learning today for tomorrow’s world
    05:29 pm By Nidhal Guessoum, Special to Gulf News
    The world has radically changed, so it is important to take to prepare our children and students to face the challenges of the new future
  • Polls give Germany a reality check
    05:42 pm By Anne Applebaum
    Merkel may have won a fourth term but the country did not escape the western populist wave altogether
  • North Korea political theatre plays out at UN
    05:32 pm Compiled by Sadiq Shaban, Deputy editor, Opinion
    Trump’s belligerent speech at the United Nations, followed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s apocalyptic threats captured the attention of global media this week
  • Prisons offer a window to the past
    05:31 pm By Jumana Al Tamimi,Associate Editor- Region
    Making old jails tourist attractions could bring in extra revenue for several Arab countries
  • Mohammad’s vision has transformed the emirate into a global hub ready to meet demands of the future
  • Testing a ballistic missile was a deliberate message from Iran — and the international community is taking note