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  • What the world owes refugee children
    05:24 pm By Elias Bou Saab, Special to Gulf News
    Countries that have relative peace and security must come forward to solve the crisis
  • Russian warning in response to US attack on Syrian aircraft threatens unwarranted escalation of tension
  • Going soft on China doesn’t work
    05:24 pm By Chuck Schumer
    Several decades of history have shown that accommodating Beijing on trade will not yield greater collaboration in foreign policy
  • How US presidents create their own reality
    05:23 pm By Gordon Robison, Special to Gulf News
    Like Reagan, we should not underestimate Trump’s ability to create his own reality and then get his supporters to inhabit it
  • Harry’s graceless comments on kingship won’t go down well with dad writes Telegraph columnist Judith Woods
  • Pyongyang is capable of striking back if attacked and is likely to launch a massive artillery barrage against Seoul — a scenario that will soon see the US stuck with fighting a land war in Asia
  • EU has its tail up after tumultuous time
    04:52 pm By Andrew Hammond, Special to Gulf News
    Many European leaders believe recent economic and political news has brought in at least a temporary respite and potentially a ‘window of opportunity’ to move forward with a new agenda
  • While the army wrestles back control, it must ensure that human rights and rule of law are upheld
  • Children’s online activities need supervision
    05:22 pm By Obeid Al Mukhatn, Special to Gulf News
    Since they are at a formative stage in their lives, the young ones need their parents and guardians as their counsellors and guides
  • Ten years later, the iPhone owns us
    05:20 pm By Virginia Heffernan
    The primary Apple promise: We are smarter so you can be dumber. That’s been true for a lot of the smartphone’s users
  • Warmbier’s death reveals the utter failure of diplomacy with North Korea and that detaining an American citizen works to its benefit
  • Trading places with the plumber and the painter
    04:46 pm Mick O’ReillyForeign Correspondent
    When the time comes for robots take over all our jobs, I want to see how some collection of motherboards and wires will hang wallpaper and keep the birds and flowers apart
  • June 26, 1987: 50 killed in Philippines crash
    04:40 pm Abdul Kareem, Head of Archive
    Scheduled flight from Manila appeared to have lost its way in monsoon rains and crashed in the mountains 15km southeast of its destination
  • Democrats are desperate and the team comprising the former president an Pelosi is thrashing around the ring, unable to land any blows
  • Can Brexit be stopped?
    Jun 24, 2017 By Jonathan Freedland
    One year on, the certainties of the Leave case are collapsing and Britain is no longer shackled to that verdict
  • Exposing Israel’s brazen violations
    Jun 24, 2017 By Tariq A. Al Maeena, Special to Gulf News
    There is a need to dismantle the status quo of apartheid and occupation that daily visits such injustice on all Palestinians