• Redefining the future of travel
    05:13 pm By Colin Rhys, Special to Gulf News
    Hyperloop will be the the most dramatic transformation in the way people and goods move around in the 21st century
  • Obama presidency: Between hope and reality
    05:12 pm By Joseph A. Kechichian, Senior Writer
    A legacy of articulate prose that highlighted intrinsic weaknesses and achieved little of significance in the two terms in power
  • Trump’s challenge is his own character
    05:11 pm Osama Al Sharif, Special to Gulf News
    Trump does not trust the very institutions that he will now become a part of
  • The British PM has spelt out with total clarity how the UK can leave the EU without actually leaving
  • ‘Clean eating’ does work
    05:09 pm By Jae Berman
    There isn’t one perfect plan that will work for everyone, physiologically or behaviourally. Our bodies work differently from one another
  • We need to recognise that economic growth and wealth creation are not in themselves enough to ensure decency and dignity for all
  • The key to living longer
    05:17 pm By Carmen Fishwick
    ‘If you get the sun on your skin, talk to another human being, use your body and wear it out a bit each day, eat good food and sleep, I think it’s impossible to feel depressed’
  • Ignore North Korea at your own peril
    05:10 pm By Andrei Lankov
    Unless the incoming Trump administration radically rethinks US policy towards the North, things are set to escalate in the peninsula
  • Exploring unconventional solutions
    Jan 17, 2017 By Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Special to Gulf News
    Dubai is a pioneer in the development of renewable energy and is at the forefront of alternative energy
  • It’s inevitable that we will leave the single market but there’s no need for a ‘hard’ exit to damage the pound
  • A wish for a less absolutist world
    Jan 17, 2017 By Bashir Goth, Special to Gulf News
    In the age of the internet, we seem to have lost touch with civility and good judgement
  • Pacemakers, insulin pumps, defibrillators and other devices that communicate wirelessly lack the necessary encryption technology to defend themselves from attacks, putting their owners’ lives at risk
  • Tumultuous months ahead for US and Iran
    Jan 17, 2017 By Gordon Robison, Special to Gulf News
    Iran’s politics are complex and unusually difficult for outsiders to follow. Tearing up the nuclear deal will only heighten tensions in the Middle East
  • Investigation of FBI chief is what America needs
    Jan 17, 2017 By Michael R. Bromwich
    It is important to obtain a detailed accounting of what happened and why, to assign blame where it is warranted, and to understand how similar situations can be prevented
  • Pakistan’s expensive gamble
    Jan 17, 2017 By Sajjad Ashraf, Special to Gulf News
    Senior economists in the country are now increasingly voicing their concern over the terms 
of financing from China, which is mostly shrouded in mystery
  • Here is how Obama erred in obliquely helping the real-estate mogul and reality star capture the White House