• Joint exercises with Russia in Nato’s backyard and a much bigger naval budget show Beijing’s intent at sea
  • Cutting off the flow of hard-working, talented, entrepreneurial individuals from this region will be a self-inflicted wound
  • The lesson of the travel ban
    04:38 pm By Joseph A. Kechichian, Senior Writer
    With more than three billion souls flying every year, security, not profits, requires smarts
  • Israelis fomenting Jerusalem violence
    04:36 pm By Ramzy Baroud, Special to Gulf News
    Palestinians are desperate and angry as their holy city is crumbling under the heavy boots of soldiers, amid international silence and unconditional US support for Tel Aviv
  • Using great literature to teach ethics to machines is a dangerous game and the literary classics are a moral minefield
  • Qatar’s credibility under a cloud
    04:36 pm By Salem Al Ketbi, Special to Gulf News
    If Doha can repeatedly renege on agreements it has signed, then it will not be possible for Gulf countries and the world to take it seriously
  • Dubai: In pursuit of innovation
    04:34 pm By Issam Kazim, Special to Gulf News
    The 10X initiative aims to catapult the emirate well ahead of global counterparts to become a leader within the next ten years
  • Fierce debate in India over state flag
    04:34 pm By Archisman Dinda, Special to Gulf News
    Trying to curb the idea of diversity though promotion of one language, one culture is a risky game that should not ever be undertaken
  • I didn’t need a US Supreme Court decision to tell me that my love for my grandparents was real, genuine and sincere
  • US sanctions on Russia a slow burn for Europe
    Jul 25, 2017 By Leonid Bershidsky
    Brussels could rally against the US as the far-reaching new sanctions may also hit European companies hard
  • The epic World Cup final was more than a fine victory for England, it helped transcend gender boundaries
  • Overcoming divisions to form a community
    Jul 25, 2017 By James J. Zogby, Special to Gulf News
    If we continue to serve and continue to provide opportunities for empowerment and advancement, the Arab-American community will be built
  • On Brexit, Britain must act reasonably
    Jul 25, 2017 John Bruton, Former prime minister 
of Republic of Ireland
    The UK will have to negotiate a new deal on every topic, then agree to a procedure for subsequently amending, enforcing and interpreting each one
  • Syria’s ugly war continues unabated
    Jul 25, 2017 By Mustapha Karkouti, Special to Gulf News
    Ceasefire marks the first major step in US-Russian cooperation, but the question remains whether these piecemeal tactics will put an end to this continuous atrocious conflict
  • The glory of a summer sleep
    Jul 25, 2017 By Michael McGirr
    There are worse things to do than nothing. Sleep is the most generative part of our day because it is when our ego gets out of the way
  • July 26, 1997: Nine die in air show crash
    Jul 25, 2017 Abdul Kareem, Head of Archive
    A light plane crashed near a Red Cross tent during an air show in the Belgian coastal resort of Ostend