• Clinton’s spectre of illegitimacy
    04:48 pm By Charles M. Blow
    The Democratic candidate’s success is as much a repudiation of Trump’s abhorrence as it is an embrace of herself, but it’s more exhaustion than exhilaration
  • A sovereign state must have control over its territory and natural resources, something impossible with more than 600,000 illegal Israeli colonists in the occupied state of Palestine
  • I arrived in Britain aged 14 and the transition was fraught. Those who have fled bombs and bullets truly deserve our compassion
  • Europe is about humanity too
    04:42 pm By Zoe Williams
    As the Calais refugee crisis makes it clear, there’s more at stake in Britian’s EU negotiations than access to markets
  • Five myths about genius
    04:42 pm By Eric Weiner
    Genius is not transmitted genetically like blue eyes or baldness. Genius parents don’t beget genius babies and there’s no ‘genius gene’
  • Oct. 27, 1996: Bulgaria votes for new president
    04:41 pm Abdul Kareem, Head of Archive
    Today in History: October 27, 1996: Bulgarians vote for new president
  • Pakistan’s missing leadership
    08:39 pm By Farhan Bokhari, Special to Gulf News
    The Quetta terror attack has once again proved that the inability to deal with the chronic issue of poverty has forced the country to stumble from one crisis to another
  • The Brexit paradox
    Oct 25, 2016 By Ana Palacio, Special to Gulf News
    The UK is in the throes of a bitter row between Prime Minister May and parliament over the latter’s role in the negotiations
  • Trump might win, but what if he doesn’t?
    Oct 25, 2016 By Gordon Robison, Special to Gulf News
    If the Republican nominee is denied the presidency because a state or two went to Clinton by razor-thin margins, then you can be sure many Republicans will rally behind him
  • Greater US involvement in Yemen is needed
    Oct 25, 2016 By Christian Koch, Special to Gulf News
    Further action to degrade Al Houthi missile capabilities, both to protect international shipping and the Saudi-Yemeni border, seems a necessity
  • Why Clinton needs to be two-faced
    Oct 25, 2016 By Jonathan Rauch
    Is it hypocritical to take one line in private, then adjust or deny it in public? Of course. But maintaining separate public and private faces is something we all do every day
  • Why Trump is hanging himself out to dry
    Oct 25, 2016 By Doyle McManus
    There’s a pattern in Trump’s behaviour whenever he’s asked to make a promise — a pattern of coy evasiveness honed, presumably, in his years as a real estate mogul
  • More and more ordinary Venezuelans are concluding that their only way out of their country’s mess lies across the border
  • The Eurozone is a poverty machine
    Oct 25, 2016 By Matthew Lynn
    The EU set itself a target of significantly reducing key measures of poverty by 2020, but it is failing miserably
  • The danger Hillary Clinton poses
    Oct 24, 2016 By Ross Douthat
    Her record embodies the tendencies that gave rise to Trumpism in the first place
  • Because the American political system makes it difficult for third parties to participate, Green Party candidates do not have opportunities to learn the trade of politics