• The collapse of coalition talks doesn’t mean the country is collapsing, but it does show how much the far-right has changed German politics
  • How evil is tech?
    05:28 pm By David Brooks
    Instead of claiming to offer us the best things in life, if tech merely saw itself as providing efficiency devices that would be an amazing show of realism
  • UAE: Fighting fit and flying high
    05:11 pm By Fawaz Turki, Special to Gulf News
    The country has catapulted itself into history as a multicultural habitat, a cultural hub and a player in the global dialogue of cultures
  • As tensions rise in Asia, Tokyo is going to need to do more — both for itself and for its American friends
  • When our allies are accused of harassment
    05:27 pm By Michelle Goldberg
    It’s possible that feminists, in trying to hold Democrats to standards that they wish were universal, risk unilateral disarmament
  • Mugabe clung on to power through vote-rigging. The system is inherently biased and needs overhauling before the country can have free and fair elections
  • Woman of substance
    05:02 pm By David Tusing, Editor — Tabloid!
    The fact that her parents are a big influence in her life eventually helped this Indian clinch the Miss World crown
  • The world is passing Britain by
    05:33 pm By Con Coughlin
    While the UK haggles with the EU, a vacuum in foreign policy has emerged from Zimbabwe to the Middle East
  • For all the talk of India as an emerging superpower, the environmental devastation wrought on Delhi surely acts as a brake on growth
  • Despite the mass-murders and rapes, the Serbian warlord is still adored in the statelet from which non-Serbs were banished
  • A very Zimbabwean revolution
    Nov 23, 2017 By Knox Chitiyo
    The country is experiencing an almost unprecedented convergence
  • Britain’s splendid isolation
    Nov 23, 2017 By Mick O’Reilly, Foreign Correspondent
    With year-end fast approaching, UK businesses and corporations are planning for the next couple of financial years — and they don’t like what they see
  • Restricting the establishment’s top officials is the latest sign that the Pyongyang leader is trying to tighten his grip on party elites and the armed forces
  • Merkel must find her way out of the crisis
    Nov 23, 2017 By Constanze Stelzenmller
    Merkel is of course the architect of the political landscape that might now witness her undoing — or her regeneration
  • Robert Mueller is holding all the cards
    Nov 23, 2017 By Harry Litman
    His team will face in the courts a battery of legal and evidentiary arguments crafted by some of the country’s most sophisticated defense lawyers
  • The US has time to shift gears, but only if Washington comes to understand that American power cannot be based on the weakness of others