Off The Cuff

  • A game of charades and being a woman
    Apr 30, 2017 Dona Cherian, Guides Writer
    Feminism is only as successful as the women it stands for; teach your daughters that a game of charades is all that is required to make or break a spirit
  • Writer, use your words
    04:51 pm Gautam RajaSpecial to Gulf News
    Some think writers don’t do real work, so don’t need to be paid real money. Others think they have that magical touch with words that makes people do their bidding
  • Writing stories is a craft that is crucial for life. And if the government insists, you can test it, measure it and use it in commerce, too
  • The plane truth about airports and flying
    May 20, 2017 Mick O’ReillyForeign Correspondent
    Once we land, there’s no point in standing up all at once and crowding the isle. That’s when I think the whole plane is full of kids.
  • Musing about museums
    May 19, 2017 Cheryl RaoSpecial to Gulf News
    Despite all our scouring of internet sources and the maps and directions we carried along, we were usually bowled over by the unexpected wonders we chanced upon
  • A load off my mind
    May 18, 2017 Vanaja RaoSpecial to Gulf News
    Resigned to my fate, I waited it out and was finally reunited with my personal belongings
  • It is never easy to say goodbye
    May 16, 2017 Mahmood SaberiSpecial to Gulf News
    It still has not hit me yet that I am finally leaving Dubai. Maybe when everything is marked off the To Do list, I will sob on my friend’s shoulder and bemoan the fast passing away of the years
  • When agony struck a dog twice
    May 15, 2017 Lalit RaizadaSpecial to Gulf News
    Pregnant dog left in deep pain and terrified after heartless driver ran over its hind-leg
  • The winter of our discontent
    May 14, 2017 Navanita VaradpandeSpecial to Gulf News
    Conjuring up a ‘winter’ to distress everybody around us because we want to extract ‘more’ from life...
  • Ruffling feathers in the Irish capital
    May 13, 2017 Christina CurranSpecial to Gulf News
    With their matching T-shirts and pink paraphernalia these gaggles of giggling girls (this is why they call us hens!) know how to have a good time
  • Putting a price on people — and pets
    May 12, 2017 Cheryl RaoSpecial to Gulf News
    I know we didn’t give a thought to whether we could afford to keep a pet when we got a German shepherd pup that was dearer to us than anyone or anything we had known until then
  • Country roads, take me home
    May 11, 2017 Nikitha Margaret VincentSpecial to Gulf News
    The country is perhaps dwindling, becoming smaller to feed the city whose centre would grow until it was all that would be left
  • Going on a staycation can be stress-free
    May 09, 2017 Mahmood SaberiSpecial to Gulf News
    I looked up staycation in a dictionary and found out that it was a portmanteau, a word constructed by blending sound and meaning of two different words
  • Flight of fancy and all those innocent queries
    May 08, 2017 Sudha SubramanianSpecial to Gulf News
    As I boarded the flight to Dubai, I couldn’t help but think of those seven 15-year-old boys in Sevalaya...
  • Turning a blind eye to a deaf ear
    May 07, 2017 Mick O’ReillyForeign Correspondent
    For us of the generations before smart televisions and remote controls, watching TV was a physical sport
  • Fidget to stay focused
    May 06, 2017 Madhavi OchaniSpecial to Gulf News
    Calorie-controller, stress-reliever and focus-machine — all-in-one. So why penny-pinch?