PAKISTAN Pakistan barber’s eyes pulled out for alleged affair

Culprits also cut off the tongue and lips of man for allegedly having an affair

By Mohammad Ashraf, Correspondent
August 21, 2012

Karachi: The eyes of a barber were pulled out in a horrific incident in the Punjab province. The culprits also cut off the man’s tongue and lips for allegedly having an affair with a girl.

A tailor was also tortured on Tuesday in yet another incident when the accused shaved half of his head, eyebrows and moustache over a delay in sewing their clothes on the eve of Eid.

Police sources said that in Deepal Pur town of district Okara in central Punjab the barber, Mohammad Yousuf, was summoned by the father of the girl with whom Yousuf was having an affair. When he arrived, the father tortured Yousuf along with his other relatives and took out both his eyeballs. The vengeance did not stop here as the relatives also cut off his tongue and lips.

The police are cracking down to arrest the accused who are at large. In a n special directive, the chief minister of the province has ordered the police chief for the earliest arrest of the accused. He also ordered moving Yousuf to a government hospital in Lahore where his treatment would be done at government expense.

In Multan district, a tailor was tortured by influential local men for delayed delivery of clothes for Eid. Nawaz Irfan, the tailor, was forced to ride a donkey after his face was blackened, a sign of disgrace in this region, by Mohammad Khan, a local influential man.

Irfan told the media that he delivered some of the clothes before Eid and some were left undone because of too much work and load-shedding. He called Khan for the payment after the Eid prayers and he was summoned to his s home. When Irfan arrived, Khan, along with five accomplices, attacked him and latershaved off half his head, eyebrows and moustache.

The local police said that they were investigating the matter and would proceed further in accordance with the law.

I nanother similar incident, the hair of a female stage dancer was cut off by a director for allegedly refusing to work with him. Sahiba Multani, the dancer, alleged that she was tortured and disgraced by Makki Qureshi. However, the police said the incident has not been reported to them so far.

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