Rain expected to hit most areas of UAE

Weathermen expect scattered occasional rain until Monday

Staff Report
17:37 March 2, 2017

Dubai: The weekend rain clouds are back, so carry your umbrellas if you’re living in coastal areas as more rain is forecast.

Dubai experienced light showers on Thursday afternoon while Ras Al Khaimah witnessed light to moderate rain.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology said Friday will have partly cloudy skies with probability of light rain over the islands and some northern areas by Thursday evening and Friday morning.

By Saturday, forecasters expect the amount of clouds to increase over the islands and the coasts that may bring rain until Sunday morning, especially over the western part of the country. Scattered occasional rain may persist until Monday.

Moderate north-easterly to north-westerly winds may be freshening at times over the sea with cloud activity.

The Arabian Gulf will be moderate but rough at times from Friday to Saturday, and become rough on Sunday and Monday. The Oman Sea will be slight to moderate from Friday until Monday.