RTA impounds 301 heavy trucks in safety drive

More than 22,000 vehicles were subjected to inspections in first half of the year

Staff Report
15:54 September 16, 2016

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) carried out 22,015 inspections of heavy trucks during the first half of 2016 and detected 12,837 malfunctions during the random checks. The inspections are part of RTA’s ongoing campaigns aimed at improving road safety.

Mohammad Nabhan, Director of Monitoring and Enforcement, the RTA’s Licensing Agency, said: “RTA spares no effort to ensure the traffic safety of heavy trucks in highways of Dubai emirate as trucks have been one of the mainstays of Dubai’s economy. As many as 22,015 inspections were carried out during the first six months of 2016 resulting in detecting 12,837 faults undermining traffic safety of heavy trucks. These faults comprise 286 minor faults, 9,765 major faults, and 2,786 serious faults. Additionally, as many as 301 trucks have been impounded as they pose threat to traffic and road users.

“The breakdown of offences issued against trucks during the first half of 2016 included 5,031 offences related to lamps, 3,146 offences related to unclear number plates, 1,301 offences related to defective tyres, and 1,286 offences related to road unworthiness,” said Nabhan.

“Heavy trucks command a special importance from the Monitoring and Enforcement Department as they have an important role in turning the wheels of the economy on internal and external routes. Laxity in following up such vehicles in roads would pose serious threats to internal and external trade by land, which we strive to thwart by stepping up inspection campaigns and improving enforcement processes on heavy vehicles using the latest technologies,” the official added.