Rare cars headed for Burj Al Arab

Inaugural Gulf Concours will showcase rare luxury and supercars on lawns of luxury hotel in November

Staff Report
14:29 October 16, 2016

Dubai: For the first time, some of the world’s rarest sport and luxury cars ever made will be on private display for an inaugural Gulf Concours hosted by seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab.

One of three rare Ferraris, for example, to be shown will be a Ferrari 250 GT Competition Berlinetta Sport Speciale said to have been ordered by Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman but was later owned by another purchaser.

Set for November 17-19, the car show promises a dazzling array of rarely seen classic automobiles that will not disappoint the most discerning car enthusiasts and collectors expected to attend the invitation-only event.

Concours is a fancy word that Oxford Dictionary defines as an “exhibition or parade of vintage or classic motor vehicles in which prizes are awarded for those in the best or most original condition”.

The line-up of “near priceless classic cars” will be complemented with high-end sport and luxury cars from the present day, said Burj Al Arab organisers.

Anthony McHale, general manager, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, said that given the hotel’s global reputation for luxury, it’s only “fitting that the inaugural Gulf Concours takes place here. We are very much looking forward to having the world’s rarest classic cars displayed in our gardens in November and welcoming collectors and connoisseurs from the GCC and beyond, to Dubai”.

So how classic are these cars and why are they any different from the daily onslaught of luxury cars seen at dozens of everyday intersections across Dubai?

“The world’s rarest and most valuable classic and current cars will be on display for this exclusive event,” said Rory Heron, managing director of Thorough Events Singapore, organisers of the show. “This event is hosted for the Middle East’s most discerning collectors and car enthusiasts, and it’s going to be something special for those in attendance.”