New law to regulate auto spare parts industry

Authority expects the new standards to help control counterfeit products

Staff Report
16:31 September 19, 2016

Dubai: A new set of standards will govern the sale and use of auto spare parts across the UAE once the cabinet approves it, the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (Esma) annouced on Monday.

The regulations, which have been approved by the Esma board of directors, will cover all aspects of the auto spare parts industry, right from manufacturing, packaging and transportation to storage and use of these products.

According to Rashid Bin Fahd, Minister of State and Chairman of Esma, the new regulations will control the entry and uge of counterfeit spare parts in the country.

“We are expecting to control at least 50 per cent of counterfeit products within the first year of implementing the new regulations,” said Bin Fahd.

The new system specifies standards and criteria for safety, performance and technical soundness of the spare parts.

The system will also create a database which will have information about all the spare parts manufactured or imported in the country.

Bin Fahd added that the database will identify the make and model of the products, helping differentiate between the original and counterfeit products.

“Suppliers and traders are obliged to take the necessary measures to implement the technical standards of the system,” said Bin Fahd.

Esma’s board of directors has also approved new regulations for generation and use of renewable energy in the country. The set of regulations is awaiting approval from the cabinet.

Bin Fahd said that the new set of regulations will be a cornerstone for the generation and use of renewable energy, which is also one of the key aspects of the national agenda to support sustainable development.