Why Dubai Municipality’s is a Facebook hit

Crowded villa, clean park, unclean eatery and cockroaches in beauty salon among residents’ posts

20:00 September 16, 2016

Dubai: An effort by Dubai Municipality to encourage residents to share their concerns and suggestions is proving popular with social media users.

The municipality’s Facebook page, open to comments every day, has drawn 2,860 likes and 5,250 visits since it was launched.

The Facebook page has a 4.4 out of 5 rating, Of 98 ratings, 70 people have given it a full five stars for likeability.

Everything from picture posts and latest programmes to a lively community forum full of praise and alleged bad customer service can be found on the page.

Gulf News presents a smattering of the various posts on the site to give you an idea of the compliments and complaints Dubai Municipality fields on any given day...


Work noise at 2am

“It’s 2 am and as usual every weekend in front of the residence in JVC street 1, the contractors are putting the cement since afternoon and still there are a lot of trucks to use. We complained with other tenants to the labors but with no result. We called municipality call center and they said that the constructors have the license to work 24h ....but its just two meters from our building ... ...”


Praise for Safa Park

“Five stars. We were paying Dh5 as entry fee to Dubai’s Al Safa Park and were amazed how much services could be maintained in the park for such a small amount, today we are in the park and amazed again that the entry fee is actually reduced to Dh3. Thank you Dubai Municipality for the efforts you put to maintain the green areas, and keeping super clean of the whole park and the public toilets. You are doing a great job.”


Inspection request

“I would like to suggest a health inspection at [an eatery in Dubai] after I found n bunch of hair in my pasta.”


Salon complaint

“[This] salon at Al Nahda is the worst I’ve seen. Was there for a hair trim and eyebrow threading and after paying the money noticed that there were cockroaches around. The lady who cut my hair put a used apron on me which was having hairs all over it. When I told her to get me a clean one, she went and bought another crumpled one. The combs used were not cleaned and the place was dirty. Later I noticed that even a simple trimming of the hair wasn’t done satisfactorily. It was clearly haphazard. When I pointed it out the lady refused to accept. The worst salon in Dubai . Would never recommend this to anyone. I’m also filing a complaint against their unhygienic practices.”


Crowded villa

“I have given complaint regarding one of this villa ... [people] living in this villas all bachelors and so many cars. In this area all families leaving and this all mens are standing outside villa talking, shouting how the families leave even they can’t walk. Other people also given complaint but no action taken till now. Please here by I request u to check villa more than 50 people, u will see in this villa. thanks.”


Need for new mosque

“[In} media zone star city accommodation we have many printing companies. Nearby, one of them is printing QURAN KAREEM. However, there isn’t any mosque nearby and I dont think there is any in this area.. we are nearly more than 1,500 people. Living there it would be great if you can build a mosque for people to pray.”


Rotten pineapple

“I was at Dubai fruit and vegetables market when I asked one of the vendors for a pineapple, he immediately got hold of one and made it look the best. I asked him if I could taste it and he gave me a small slice which was terrible and did not take it. The seller used bad language because I did not take it. His co-workers joined him ... how could I possibly take it when they were selling rotten fruits??.. They had no respect so I checked “know your rights” displayed at the entrance and called 043200200. But they only told me that it has to be a police case and I should file a complaint and will be a longer procedure.”


Missing husband

“[A] wife claims she hasn’t had any contact with her husband, an accountant with a firm in the Jumeriah Lakes Towers area ... for well over two months now, a wife’s desperate search for her husband, whom she last saw at 8.50am on March 2 when he left for work, has met with no success.”


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