No violations found at Abu Dhabi salons

Inspection campaign at 83 salons shows improved health and safety awareness

Staff Report
16:33 September 19, 2016

Abu Dhabi: An inspection campaign conducted by Abu Dhabi City Municipality at hairdressing salons and beauty parlours found no violations, according to a press release issued by the municipality on Monday.

The two-day campaign targeting 83 shops under the jurisdiction of Al Bateen Municipal Centre on Abu Dhabi Island showed a significant rise in the awareness level of workers thanks to awareness campaigns and workshops held by the municipality.

During the campaign, the municipality neither confiscated products nor found any equipment that did not comply with health and safety regulations. No tickets were served to hairdressing salons and beauty parlours.

The municipality lauded the initiatives taken by them to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. However, the municipality served only two warnings related to public hygiene standards.

The municipality will continue such inspection campaigns targeting these service providers across the emirate throughout the year to ensure the health and safety of customers.