Dubai develops ‘world’s most efficient’ light bulb

Emaar, Dubai Properties Group ink deal to use new Dubai Lamp

Staff Report
15:11 May 7, 2017


Two Dubai developers have signed up to use what is said to be the world’s most energy-efficient LED light bulb.

On Sunday, Emaar and Dubai Properties Group inked a deal with the Dubai Municipality to install the Dubai Lamp at their projects.

Developed in partnership between Dubai Municipality and electronics giant Philips — the largest maker of LED bulbs — the Dubai Lamp can save users 90 per cent off their electricity bill.

Officials from both bodies are preparing for the supply of two million Dubai Lamps for residential and professional use across the city in 2017, which is expected to be increased to 10 million lamps by 2021.

As part of the deal, Dubai Municipality will coordinate with the developers installing Dubai Lamp in their buildings and facilities and conduct studies to evaluate the savings achieved.

The agreement, signed between senior officials from Dubai Municipality and the developers, is for four years.

“The Dubai Lamp is an innovation that we at Philips Lighting are very proud of on a global level,” said Paolo Cervini, a regional president for Philips Lighting.

“Its groundbreaking technology and unmatched energy efficiency along with its ever-growing popularity will not only bring about a positive change, but also contribute to Dubai’s sustainability goals and its commitment to a green economy.”

Publicly-listed Emaar is best known for building the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, the world’s tallest tower and one of the world’s largest shopping centres.

Dubai Properties Group was the developer for Jumeirah Beach Residences.

BOX — What is the Dubai Lamp?

The Dubai Lamp is an energy-saving LED light bulb — said to be most efficient in the world.

Its developers, the Dubai Municipality and Dutch electrical giant Philips, say the Dubai Lamp will shave 90 per cent off electricity bill compared to conventional lighting.

It does not contain mercury or generate heat and thus saves cooling costs, and does not spread ultraviolet light.

The figure is attribute to its super-long lifespan of 25,000 hours. In contrast, incandescent light bulbs — banned in many European countries, but still popular in UAE — have a lifespan of just 1,000 hours.

It will be on sale from the end of this year.

The lamp is available in four models — both in cool daylight and warm white colours:

*1 watt candle lamp to replace 25 watt incandescent lamp

*2 watt bulb to replace 40 watt incandescent lamp

*3 watt Bulb to replace 60 watt incandescent lamp

*3 watt MR16 Spot to replace 50 watt halogen spots