Man tries to jump from Sharjah tower’s helipad

Police convince him and bring him down from terrace in Al Nahda area

17:16 October 13, 2016

Sharjah: Police arrested an African man on Thursday after he tried to jump from the helicopter landing pad of a building located in Al Nahda area of Sharjah.

The Nigerian man went to the helipad in a bid to commit suicide. After a few hours of negotiations, a policeman managed to pull him away.

Sharjah officials said the man was not suffering from any mental or psychological problem.

A police and rescue team moved to the scene at 8am when being informed about the situation. Police convinced the man to abandon the idea of committing suicide and brought him down, the officials said.

The man was taken to Al Buhairah police station for interrogation to find out the reasons for his extreme step.