Photographer, 2 waiters in court over marijuana charges

One of the waiters had provided the other 2 suspects with marijuana for consumption purposes

17:04 September 18, 2016

Dubai: A woman photographer and two waiters have been accused of consuming marijuana after drug enforcement officers apprehended them beside a coffee shop.

A 20-year-old Moroccan waiter, Y.S., was said have been providing marijuana to his 24-year-old countryman waiter, Z.P., and the 23-year-old Moroccan photographer, S.B., before drug officers busted them following an informant’s tip off.

Records said drug officers arrested Y.S. during a sting operation in June and the other two suspects were arrested as well as they happened to be with him.

Prosecutors accused Y.S. of possessing marijuana and providing it to the other suspects.

The three Moroccans were accused of consuming drugs.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said Y.S. possessed around 11gm of marijuana and provided it to Z.P. and S.B. for consumption.

The suspects admitted that they consumed drugs before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Meanwhile Y.S. refuted the accusation of having possessed the drug to provide it to the other waiter and the photographer.

An anti-narcotics police lieutenant claimed to prosecutors that they obtained prosecutors’ permission to arrest Y.S. following an informant’s tip off.

“A police team headed to Abu Hail area to apprehend the suspect in a sting operation. We detained him beside a coffee shop. Upon searching him, we found marijuana hidden in his pockets. At the time of his arrest, the other two suspects were with him. They confessed that they had consumed marijuana once we asked them … the trio were referred for a drug test,” claimed the lieutenant.

The court reconvenes on October 11.