Airport cleaner admits to stealing girl’s memory card, posting pictures on Facebook

The suspect got her phone from flight, removed memory card and posted her pictures to get more followers on his page

Falak Kassab, Special to Gulf News
17:08 January 5, 2018

Dubai: A cleaner working at Dubai International Airport stole a girl’s phone memory card from a plane and posted her pictures on Facebook, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Thursday.

According to official records, the American girl forgot her phone on a flight when she arrived in Dubai from Angola on her way to Lebanon in September.

During interrogation, the 28-year-old Pakistani suspect confessed that he was on duty at the airport when he was asked to clean the aircraft after the passengers disembarked.

While cleaning the plane, the suspect found the phone, stole the memory card, and handed the phone to the cleaning officer to return it back to the victim.

According to a 32-year old police officer, the victim said that she lost her white Samsung phone, including the memory card, on-board the Emirates flight and the airline returned the phone to her. Then she discovered that the memory card was missing.

“She claimed that she coincidentally discovered her pictures being posted on Facebook by a friend of hers who had the suspect as a friend on her Facebook page. We arrested the suspect, and he confessed that he had stolen the memory card,” said the Emirati officer.

The victim proceeded to the Dubai airport police station, and when questioned, the suspect confessed to stealing the memory card from the girl’s phone when she forgot it on the plane and sharing her pictures on Facebook to get more followers for his page.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the suspect with stealing the memory card, breaching the victim’s privacy by sharing her pictures on Facebook, and misusing the internet to annoy and hurt the victim’s feelings.

The suspect confessed to the charges and a verdict will be issued on January 18, while he remains under police custody.