EGYPT Hamas hails rise of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Supporters hope Egypt will fight for the Palestinian cause

By Ahmed Najjar, Correspondent
July 5, 2012


Palestinians in Gaza have closely watched Egypt’s post-uprising transition, with Hamas hailing the rise of its traditional ally, the Muslim Brotherhood, which also won a majority in Egypt’s parliamentary elections.

The Palestinians were, however, divided over Brotherhood candidate Mohammad Mursi winning the presidential elections.

Palestinians were constantly repeating the word (Mabrouk) or congratulations which could also mean brotherhood can turn Egypt like Gaza done by Hamas.

As for Hamas supporters, tens of thousands thronged the streets after announcement. Gunmen fired in the air and some revellers handed out candy at street corners while others waved both the Egyptian and the Palestinian flags blasting the country’s national anthem from car speakers.

The Islamic movement officials and members believe that Mursi’s victory will boost their chances in the future against both the Palestinian National Authority and the Israeli state.

Mohammad Al Shaikh, a member of Hamas celebrating Mursi victory, said: “At last, an Islamic ruler is going to rule the biggest Arab country; he will certainly be a big support for the Palestinian cause which was sidelined by the other Egyptian rulers, and stand against the injustice.”

Samir Abu Mudalala, a political analyst, said: “This is an important victory for the Islamists everywhere and especially for the ones in the besieged Gaza Strip hoping that these results would change the political equation to their side.”

Both main parties in the Palestinian territories Fatah and Hamas congratulated Mursi and wished him success.


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