• October 1, 2016
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West Bengal mourns the death of its two brave hearts in Uri terror attack

Former army general suggests intelligence failure on the part of the Indian army

20:56 September 19, 2016

Kolkata: Even as the mortal remains of the two Indian soldiers, Biswajit Ghorai and G. Dalai, who died along with 18 others in Sunday’s terror attack in Uri, Kashmir, are being flown back to their home in West Bengal’s Gangasagar in South 24 Parganas and Jagatballavpur in Howrah districts respectively, the state joined the country to mourn the deadliest attacks in a decade’s time.

Speaking to Gulf News, Dalai’s parents wanted the Indian army to avenge the death of their son at the age of 22, “He was 22 and we never thought we would lose him so early. Why was my son sent there? Generally senior officials are sent on such a mission,” said Dalia’s father, who is still trying to come to terms with the loss of their only child. “We should go to war with Pakistan and bring justice to those who died,” he claimed.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee also expressed her condolences over the death of soldiers who died in the attack. “No words can take away the pain of the families who lost their lives at Uri. We salute them,” Banerjee said.

The Indian government is under serious pressure to avenge the death of 18 soldiers who were killed on Sunday as war cries were heard on social media as Indians wanted more decisive action against terror networks.

“We cannot let such cowardly attacks kill our soldiers. It is time we take appropriate action,” said Rakesh Gupta, a physician, on Twitter. Similar views were aired by millions all over even as the Indian government mulls various strategic offensives to take on the terrorists.

There is also pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was elected on the plank of being a decisive leader in situations of such crisis in comparison to his predecessor Manmohan Singh.

Meanwhile, former army chief Shankar Roy Choudhary suggested that the attack shows a lapse in India’s counter intelligence. “The attack at Uri shows that the terrorists were aware that the camp is being handed over to another battalion which is the most vulnerable time for any such posts. They knew the whereabouts of the camp which shows that they got information which was supposedly classified which is failure of counter intelligence,” said the former general.