HOME & INTERIOR Tower with style in this Address Downtown residence

This fully furnished luxury penthouse on the 60th floor of The Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai offers residents chic interiors and magnificent views

By Angela Boshoff Hundal, Features Editor, InsideOut magazine
May 15, 2012
Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/ANM

Seeing this luxury penthouse apartment on the 60th floor of The Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai for the first time, it's hard to believe that the sophisticated space's interiors were put together in just two weeks. "This really was one of the shortest deadlines I've ever worked under," Mahsa Page, interior designer at SpaceLine Design Architects and Interiors says, laughing. "I was vacationing in the USA late last year when I received a phone call from a Dubai contact asking me to urgently furnish this 3,700-square-foot, four-bedroom penthouse before a large Christmas party was due to take place there," she says. "I started working on the home as soon as I got back to Dubai, repainting walls, hanging new artwork, installing about a dozen recessed art lights, modifying the window treatments, installing an entertainment system and outfitting every room to accommodate a large family and eight of my client's business associates who were due to visit for the fancy festive dinner," she adds. "I could never have made the deadline without iShanarch LLC, the contractor, who worked extremely long hours on the project."

The resulting style of the penthouse is sophisticated and minimalist with a clean, modern look, something Mahsa says was easy to achieve due to the free rein her client gave her while designing. "My client, a wealthy businessman, wanted to be surprised at the end result so he allowed me to design and decorate as I pleased. This was really helpful in ensuring the final look was laid-back yet chic at the same time."

Playing off the existing dark wood and mashrabiya accents of the apartment's structure, and to bring a touch of local history into the design, Mahsa installed three contemporary Arabic giclee silk screened prints, richly layered with images from Arabic heritage, along the main entry hall. This artwork sets the mood for arriving visitors who first pass through a two-metre wide exotic wooden door to enter the penthouse. "It's a stunning space, but night-time is when it really comes to life, thanks to the home's halogen recessed gimbal lighting and the prints' rich colours that add exuberance to the softer hues scattered throughout the apartment," she explains. "I wanted the overall theme to be sophisticated and uncluttered, yet very comfortable and durable at the same time."

"The dining table was the first piece that I found that fitted well into the space. It has a unique history because it was made from weathered, reclaimed timber sandblasted to reveal amazing textures. I liked the story behind the origin of this table and thought it would set a good theme to build on." Moving into the master bedroom, a softly lit mashrabiya and copper headboard is complemented by a deliciously decadent silk duvet. "I wanted to create an unexpected contrast here so I used a beautifully dyed cowhide on the floor accented with comfortable suede chairs." Mahsa says the penthouse, which is currently available for short-term or long-term lease through Better Homes, "is perfect for someone who is looking for a modern home with stunning views of the Burj Khalifa, Downtown Palace Hotel and Dubai Fountains. It's great for a large family or active couple that wants to relax in the luxury of The Address Hotel and have direct access to Dubai Mall, great restaurants and retail stores.",

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