FOOD Iftar review: Anise, InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City

This restaurants family friendly iftar is both different and memorable

By Jumana Al Tamimi, Associate Editor
July 31, 2012

Anise’s reputation of hosting the best iftars during Ramadan in Dubai is well established. Having tried it first-hand, I would conclude that it is a memorable one too.

This restaurant at the InterContinental Hotel Dubai Festival City offers a meal so good, versatile and delicious, it tastes like home-cooked food. Even more so because it is served in a very family friendly atmosphere. People of all ages — families, businessmen and groups of friends — were dining when I visited.

Stations, located in different parts of the restaurant, served everything from appetisers, Mediterranean cuisine to pasta, stuffed lamb, and desserts. The restaurant is nicely divided with ample space so diners do not have to queue up at any of the stations — perfect after a whole day fasting.

While all of the offered dishes are recommended, there are a few musts: Saying the chicken wings cooked with garlic, lemon and fresh coriander is tasty is an understatement. The stuffed lamb and Mediterranean dishes are professionally prepared while the rice with nuts is light and well-cooked. The meat is so tender you could cut it with a spoon.

For desserts, don’t miss the Kunafa, lemon tart, and chocolate and mint mousse.

*Dh170. Iftar is served until 9.30pm. Call 04 701 11 27.

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