• September 30, 2016
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KathNiel UAE fans get a virtual treat in Dubai

Famed Filipino love team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla talk to fans via video chat ahead of their film’s release

17:55 September 17, 2016

One of the most popular love teams in the Philippine entertainment industry, 20-year-old Kathryn Bernardo and 21-year-old Daniel Padilla, more popularly known as KathNiel, will headline a much-awaited feature film that was shot in Spain.

Barcelona: A Love Untold will be shown in the UAE starting September 22. Fans of the duo have waited for a new movie featuring both after last year’s Crazy Beautiful You.

Selected fan clubs of the duo in the UAE joined members of the press in a virtual press conference/fans day with Bernardo and Padilla. Many of the fans wore T-shirts professing their support for the duo, while others brought banners of their favourite showbiz couple. tabloid! talked to a few fans about their support for the actors and their expectations from the movie.

“KathNiel is like my vitamins,” says Valerie Camba, a brand and PR Executive. “They make me live life every day so they inspire me to work harder even if I’m an overseas Filipino worker (OFW). What I love about KathNiel is that they are true to themselves, they are down-to-earth and I think nobody in the industry has [love in their] hearts for their fans like them — they love their fans. The respect is all there.”

About the movie, Camba adds: “[I expect] a more mature KathNiel because this is what they have been promoting. This is also shot in Barcelona so we are looking forward to seeing a different perspective of a mature KathNiel in this movie.”

Jamaica Mangubat, an accounts officer, says the duo’s on-screen journey has served as a life lessons for her. “I love Kathniel not just because of their on-screen chemistry — they also taught me many things in life,” says Mangubat. “If they can achieve their dreams, why can’t I? They’ve been my inspiration in achieving my dreams.

Mangubat says she also expect a mature performance from the duo in the movie. “In previous movies, that had been portraying teen characters. So from this movie I’m expecting them to be more mature.”

The fans got even more excited when Bernardo and Padilla were asked questions about their love life.

“I really love KathNiel because they are very natural in acting and they have a gold heart,” says Vic Canaries, a business centre coordinator. “They inspire me because they are good persons. They are good son and daughter, and they love their families. That is the one most important thing in our country.”

The strong chemistry of the duo started to get noticed when they were paired in a teen television drama, Princess and I. As their popularity soared, the two got more television projects such as Got to Believe and the remake of Pangako Sa ‘Yo. They also starred in blockbuster movies such as She’s Dating the Gangster and Crazy Beautiful You.