• February 25, 2018
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Michael Heneke denounces #MeToo movement

Director of ‘Amour’ and ‘The White Ribbon’ compares sexual harassment scandal to a witch hunt

10:16 February 13, 2018
Michael Heneke

Austrian film director Michael Haneke, an Academy Award and two-time Palme d’Or winner, has compared the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal to a “witch hunt” that has ushered in a “new, men-hating puritanism.”

The director of Amour and The White Ribbon told Austrian daily Kurier that the #MeToo movement’s “hysteria of prematurely denouncing” others was “disgusting.”

He said what especially bothered him was the “complete spitefulness without any reflection and the blind rage, which is not based on facts but... destroys the lives of people whose crimes have not been proven.”

Haneke said, “people are been killed in the media, lives and careers destroyed.”

Several European film figures have expressed doubt about the American #MeToo movement including film star Catherine Deneuve and actor Liam Neeson.