• September 29, 2016
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Meet UAE star of Malayalam film ‘Oozham’

Divya Pillai says she can’t wait to watch the movie with her friends in Dubai

17:30 September 20, 2016
Divya Pillai

Two films old, UAE resident Divya Pillai is looking forward to watching Oozham in Dubai with family and friends.

Born and raised in Dubai, Pillai made her cinema debut with the Fahad Faasil film Ayal Nyanalla. In Oozham, she plays Gayatri, the protagonist Surya’s friend.

“Gayatri is a bold girl who accompanies Surya and his friend Ajmal on their trail of revenge, following a tragedy in Surya’s family,” says Pillai, an engineering graduate.

Being new to the industry, the actress along with Rasna and Tony Luke (in a supporting role) attended a workshop before filming Oozham.

“That helped me connect with my character. Besides, Jeethu sir and Raju [Prithviraj] guided me in portraying my role. It was like an on the spot acting school for me. I am more confident as an actor now.”

When Oozham released in Kerala a fortnight ago, she watched it with the audience and that was a surreal moment, adds Pillai. “It feels amazing when people recognise me as Gayatri.”

Pillai works with a leading airline in UAE and says that a career in acting was never on the cards. She owes it to her first director Vineeth Kumar who introduced her to the world of cinema.


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Oozham releases in the UAE on September 22.