• September 25, 2016
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Vikram Bhatt and Pahlaj Nihalani debate kissing scenes

Bollywood director is creating a drama for free publicity, alleges censor board chief

13:58 September 18, 2016

Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani has lashed out at the Bhatt camp of Bollywood, saying that accusing the censor board ahead of the release of their films has become a “marketing tool” of sorts for them.

Recently, Vikram Bhatt claimed that the CBFC asked him to cut down on the usage of an expletive from 32 times to 16 in his latest horror film.

Alleging inconsistency on the CBFC’s part, Bhatt, whose Raaz Reboot released over the weekend, said the trailer, which was given a ‘U/A’ rating for theatres, was given an ‘A’ rating for television.

But Nihalani is unimpressed. “Every time the Bhatts, and I include Vikram Bhatt among them, have a release around the corner, they target the CBFC and me for publicity. The censor board has become a marketing tool for them, specially when their releases are not generating much interest among audiences,” Nihalani said.

“Tell me, why should the CBFC provide free publicity for the Bhatts or anyone else? This is exactly what they want. First lash out at the CBFC, and then watch us as we get provoked.

“Seriously, I am not bothered with how many kisses are there or not there in Vikram Bhatt’s films,” he added.