• September 28, 2016
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Kangana Ranaut doesn’t care what people say behind her back

Bollywood star says she prefers to look ahead because she’s learnt to fight for herself

14:02 September 18, 2016

Her journey in Bollywood has had many bumps but Kangana Ranaut says she has always considered herself an underdog.

“We do have bullies everywhere. Whether it’s school, college or your work. You come across a lot of bullies and there is nothing unusual about it and looking back I do believe that you grow that stamina to fight back,” she said.

“I am not concerned with what people say behind my back. My life is just about me. I am not concerned about what’s happening behind my back. I prefer to look ahead,” Ranaut added.

The actress said very early in her life she faced physical violence and learnt to fight for herself.

“I am an underdog. But when I came, I faced giants, people who are ruling the industry. I pretty much wanted to replace them and that was an agenda.”

Speaking about how people made fun of her accent, Ranaut said that it was wrong to judge a person on the basis of their language and that the act is “very primitive”.

“Language doesn’t say anything about who you are. Your colour, sex, gender, language do not define you. What defines you is your character.

“If my accent is off so what’s the big deal. People find my accent fake here and when these same people go abroad, the locals there find their accent fake. People, who say we are dark, are called dark when they go abroad,” said Ranaut.