• October 19, 2017
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Kajol speaks up for married women in Bollywood

Actress, who is married to actor Ajay Devgn, says it was never an issue before in the industry

13:52 October 15, 2016

Marriage does not mean the end of a Bollywood actress’ career, actress Kajol says.

“Married actresses have been working in films for a very long time. It’s just that they never came into focus and people never pointed them out and said, ‘Hey, you’re married and you’re working’,” Kajol said in an interview from Mumbai.

The mother of two added: “You had a Sharmila Tagore, you had my mother [Tanuja], you had Saira Banu, you had so many actresses who worked after they got married. In fact, more after they got married than before they got married. Dimple Kapadia for that matter.

“So yes, there are actresses who have been working pre- and post-marriage and nothing changed in their entire imagery. There were a lot of actresses who did not work at all once they got married. And that is a possible choice, I believe.

“And, of course, there were some who just didn’t make it and chose to use marriage as an excuse. So, I don’t think I’m a path-breaker in that sense. Maybe because the spotlight is on me right now. But I didn’t do it first. I just followed in some very illustrious footsteps,” Kajol added.

Kajol married actor Ajay Devgn in 1999, at the peak of her career. They have 13-year-old daughter Nysa and son Yug, six, together.

After the birth of her daughter in 2003, Kajol did a number of films such as Fanaa, U Me Aur Hum, My Name Is Khan, We Are Family and Toonpur Ka Superrhero.

The actress was last seen on the big screen in 2015 film Dilwale.