GENERAL 10 real life mountains I still need to climb

Sandhya Rajan, Sales support executive, DHL, Dubai who plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as part of a charity initiative by DHL and Gulf for Good, shares her list

Friday magazine
June 15, 2012
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1. Navigate Earth: I once made a plan to travel to a new country every year. I must reopen the ‘Sandhya Chronicles'.

2. Spread the message: Find a platform where I can reach out to people and make them aware of cancer and diabetes.

3. Live clutter free: I have been called a hoarder. I still need to master the art of saving what's important and not hoarding every last candy wrapper.

4. Master the cycle: For once, I'd like to ride a bicycle without toppling down every five minutes.

5. Live on the edge: Find my courage and dive in to some extreme sports. Skydiving is on the top of my list!

6. Get bikini ready: I know it's a cliché, but I want to reach my ‘bikini' weight goal... Just like every other woman.

7. Swim like a pro: I want to stop flailing around at the pool or down by the beach and actually learn how to swim.

8. Become a Potter pro: Read all seven Harry Potter books for the 15th time!

9. Tongue twist: Learn a new language like French or Spanish.

10. Climb Kilimanjaro: Prove to the world that there really ‘Ain't no mountain high enough' by climbing the Kilimanjaro this July. Wish me luck!

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