Laluz, Four Seasons Hotel, DIFC review

Head to this swanky Spanish restaurant in Dubai for a slice of Barcelona and Catalan cuisine

09:36 September 20, 2016
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LALUZ_Canelón a la Catalana
LALUZ_ Esqueixada de Bacalao

You know you are in for a magnificent evening when your palette cleanser, green globes of liquid olive reduction on wooden spoons, is pitch-perfect. If culinary goodness lived in the details, then Laluz — the swanky Mediterranean restaurant at the Four Seasons in DIFC — emerged as the masters of it.

The service was impeccable without it being intrusive and the food managed to surprise you at every turn.

All you needed to do was to surrender yourself to the delicacies from Catalunya (the special menu highlighting Catalan delicacies, is on until the end of this month).

I use the word surrender, because marrying sweet with salt or mixing meat slices with sweet fruits may seem unnatural, but the chefs at Laluz make it their mission to create a divine union.

After downing the liquid olive, my companion and I began our meal with a traditional Catalan dish — the cod fish esqueixada. It’s a salad of shredded salted cod fish with tomato, onion and olives. Usually, salads have to try very hard to please. But this Catalan creation brought together some well-sourced, fresh produce.

Each bite would take you a step away from DIFC and closer to the feeling of being in an idyllic beach resort. It was fresh and flavourful.

Next up was the canelon Catalan style was cylindrical pasta parcels filled with spinach, ricotta and vegetables. They were melt-in-the-mouth. But the star of the night was the duck and pear with creamy rice.

The stewed duck with creamy rice seems like a done thing, but the pear added another tangent to the dish. It’s an acquired taste. Either you love it or you don’t. But we belonged to the former and liked the mix of meat and fruits. And what’s a Catalan meal without some foie gras? A barbecued duck foie gras, along with foie gras on roasted charcoal accompanied by stewed baby onions and mushrooms materialised in front of us.

This platter has the potential to trigger a war. By that, I mean a battle with your dinner companion about who will have the last piece.

We rounded off the meal with sweet fritters filled with citrus cream and chocolate. While it tasted sweet and tangy, the ending to this meal was purely sweet.



Where: Laluz, Four Seasons Hotel, DIFC.

Call 04-3597777.