Help/Mobile FAQs

The Gulf News mobile edition has been created to allow users to access the website and its content from a mobile phone. Below are some frequently asked questions about the service.

Why a mobile edition?

This is the second version of the mobile site, launched to make it even easier to view on the move. 

We have optimised our content for the small screen as well to make sure it loads quickly and efficiently, and does not consume the data bandwidth of a desktop site.

 How can I access the mobile edition?

If your mobile phone has a web browser and data connection, simply open it up and enter the url This will lead directly to the optimised version of the site. Those of you using phones with larger screens may opt to use the desktop version of It’s up to you.

Is the whole site on the mobile edition?

Largely. In the latest version we have added pretty much all of the news content you will find on  Because data connections are getting ever better, for this latest version we have added videos and galleries you can view and play on the move.

How do I move around the site?

The home page will be a series of text links - simply highlight the link you want to see and click on the select button.

You can then scroll up and down the stories and choose the ones you wish to read. A link to the home page and key sections of the site will be at the bottom of every page.

 The menu bar also provides fast access to sections. 

Have you included social media?

 Of course! You can Facebook, Tweet and email stories from the links you will find on each article page. If you want to let your friends know about the site in general, use the buttons in the footer of the mobile site.

Can I give feedback?

Of course! welcomes all kinds of reader feedback, whether it is positive or negative. Send your comments to

 How much does it cost?

The Gulf News mobile edition is free for anyone with a phone equipped with a data connection.


Don't forget to bookmark the Gulf News mobile edition on your phone after you have loaded it for the first time. This makes it easier to find in the future.