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9 TV shows coming back this fall

We're so excited for the new seasons of our favorite shows to come out these next weeks

13:00 September 19, 2016
TV Shows Fall

Fall does not only bring better weather, but also new seasons of our favourite TV shows. Now that the waiting game is almost over, we can find out what happens in the new seasons. Beware, some of these may contain spoilers from previous seasons.

1. Blindspot

A beautiful woman is discovered in a large duffle bag in the middle of Time Square in New York. She has no memory of who she is or how she got there. She is covered from neck to toe in tattoos, which later we discover are clues to many unsolved cases. She teams up with the FBI Agent Kurt Weller, who gives her the name Jane. They work together, along with a team to solve her tattoo puzzles, so she can reveal her identity. In the last season we discover that Jane is in fact not Taylor Shaw, whom we previously believed her to be. The season ended with Kurt angrily pushing Jane away and putting her under arrest for lying to him about being Taylor.

2. Superstore

From the producers of The Office US comes another workplace comedy, but this time in an American superstore named Cloud 9. The giant store is where main character Amy works. She and her team face the daily madness of the service sector. This show will make you laugh at every turn and you’ll really get to see the other side of customer service. Last season ended with all of the employees going on strike and ultimately getting fired. We’re curious to know what happens now.

3. How to get away with murder

Calling all people who live in Shondaland; this one’s for you. How To Get Away with Murder follows the life of a brilliant law professor Annalise Keating and a group of ambitious law students, who get entangled in a murder that completely changes their lives. It moves between the past and the present and features complex character with complex stories. The last season ended with Annalise running off to her childhood home in the South. We still don’t know who lives, who dies and who kills Mahoney.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

One of the greatest shows on television. Grey’s Anatomy is going into its 13th season. The medical drama series follows the life of Meredith Grey and a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle.  Fans of the show have seen ups and downs, but nothing quite as upsetting as the last season where a very important character was killed off. Many women took to social media to express their grief and anger at Shonda Rhimes. In the last season, Meredith is slowly getting her groove back and actively working on becoming happy. April Kepner has a baby, Alex Karev discovers Jo with another man, while Maggie Sheppard married Owen Hunt. So much has happened. As per usual with Grey’s Anatomy, we cannot wait to see what Shonda has in store for us.

5. Empire

Lucious Lyon, the main character of the show is a hip-hop artist and the CEO of Empire Entertainment. He has always been the ruler of the urban music industry. However, a medical diagnosis has predicted that he only has 3 years to live. He has to decide, which one of his sons will take over the empire. Things take a turn when his ex-wife Cookie is released from prison and says that he owes her for taking the fall for the drug-run that he was involved in years ago. Last season ended with the wedding of Lucious’s eldest son Hakim, who gets left at the altar. The episode sees one of the core cast members getting killed off. We don’t know who it is yet, but we sure are dying (see what we did there?) to find out.

6. Modern Family

Our favourite TV family comes back for another season. The TV show is told from the viewpoint of a documentary filmmaker and provides a hilarious perspective on family life. You have Phil and Claire who want nothing more than an honest relationship with their kids. You've also got Claire’s brother Mitch, who lives with his partner Cam and they have an adopted daughter Lilly from Vietnam. Claire and Mitch’s dad, Jay is enjoying a second marriage to a beautiful Latina named Gloria and her son Manny. We love the multicultural family that finds itself in hilarious situations. 

7. The Flash

This superhero show is one we are really excited about! It follows the life of Barry Allen, who at the age of 11 suffered the loss of his mother in a freak accident. His innocent father was convicted of her murder. Many years later, Barry works as a crime-scene investigator, and uses his spare time to learn the truth about how his mother died. He does scientific experiments to discover the many potential reasons that caused his mother's death. During one experiment, a particle causes an explosion and causes Barry to be struck by lightning. He falls into a coma for 9 months and wakes up with the power of super speed. The last season ended with Barry looking down at his father’s dead body. 

8. Arrow

Rich playboy Oliver Queen is believed to be dead, after his ship was caught in a storm in the Pacific. Little did the people of Starling City know that he’s been alive for the last five years. After being stranded on a remote island in the Pacific, he comes back a changed man. He still behaves as the wealthy Oliver Queen during the day, but in the night time, he becomes a vigilante, the Arrow, to turn his city to its former glory. In the end of last season, Oliver teams up with an unexpected partner to try and stop Damien Darhk.

9. Legends of Tomorrow

A rougue time-traveler named Rip Hunter comes from a future world that is full of doom. He decides to stop the imminent disaster that threatens the future world by travelling back in time and recruiting a diverse and stand out team of DC super heroes. They work together to prevent the apocalypse from taking place. In season 1 they pursue a villain named, Vandal Savage, from the present into the future. In the last episode of Season 1, Rip brings the gang back to Central City a few months after they first left. The team are brought back to their normal lives, where they have to individually choose whether or not they want to sacrifice everything so that they can save the world.