7 most expensive foods on the planet

Some of the world's most expensive foods will surprise you

13:35 May 14, 2017
Westin Hotel Bagel

1. Matsutake Mushrooms: The most expensive mushroom in the world


These mushrooms cost $1000 per kilogram. They are expensive due to how rare they are. They are usually found under fallen leaves in Japanese forests.

2. The Zillion dollar frittata: The most expensive breakfast in the world


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The Zillion dollar frittata comes from New York and is the most expensive breakfast ever. It costs Dh3,600 ($1,000). You can get it at Le Parker Meridien Hotel In New York. It is made up of six eggs, sevruga caviar and lobster.

3. Westin Hotel Bagel: Most expensive Bagel in the world

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The chef at the New York Westin Hotel created one of the most expensive dishes in the world. It costs Dh3,600 ($1,000). This bagel is made with regular bagel dough but it slathered with white truffle cream, and goji berry infused Riesling jelly topped with gold leaves. 

4. Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana: Most expensive curry

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Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana Curry costs Dh11,520 ($3,200). This seafood dish is packed with Devon crab, white truffle, Beluga caviar with gold, Scottish lobsters, four abalones and four quail eggs. 

5. Pizza Royale 007: The most expensive pizza in the world

This 12 inch pizza costs Dh15,120 ($4,200). Ingredients include lobsters, Caviar soaked in bubbly, tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, venison medallions and vinegar topped with 24 karat gold.

6. Densuke Black Watermelon: The most expensive watermelon in the world


I once accidentally bought a watermelon for Dh50 and was quite upset about spending this much on a fruit. This particular watermelon costs Dh21,960 ($6,100). It is black and is one of rare and expensive foods of the world. The Densuke Black watermelon is grown in a Japanese Island called Hokkaido. IT is hard and crisp and noticeable because of its black colour. 

7. Almas Caviar


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Almas Caviar comes from Iran and is very rare. A tin of this caviar costs Dh90,000 ($25,000). This type of caviar, can only be bought in one place in Piccadilly in London. When they package it, they include a tin of 24 karat gold