World Asthma Day

  • Avoiding asthma triggers
    May 06, 2014 By Shalini Seth | Specialist Writer
    GN Focus looks at how people are living with asthma globally and in the UAE, and the new treatments and innovations that can help
  • Identify and deal with different types of asthma
    May 06, 2014 By Iona Stanley | Special to GN Focus
    There are just as many kinds of asthma as there are symptoms, and they vary from person to person. GN Focus helps you understand the various forms
  • Fitness plan: Best workouts for asthmatics
    May 06, 2014 By Krita Coelho | Staff Writer
    People with asthma don't need to avoid working out. Experts say a proper fitness plan can help reduce symptoms and improve breathing
  • Foods asthma sufferers should eat and avoid
    May 06, 2014 Helga Jensen-Forde | Special to GN Focus
    When it comes to asthma, a well-balanced diet is essential
  • Can yoga improve your asthma symptoms?
    May 06, 2014 By Sumit Manav | Special to GN Focus
    Regular yogic postures can help with managing the chronic condition. Here's how