South Korea

  • City near the North Korean border seems country's gamers going to great lengths to capture Pokemon
  • New devices will let you leave your phone at home but it isn’t without its challenges
  • Retail and education predicted to be the next frontier for VR and augmented reality
  • Tough decisions like the S7 camera deliver near 2-year high in mobile profit
  • The show uses k-pop and k-drama’s script of attractive leads, melodrama and romance
  • #MyKorea: Diplomat Heo Nam Duk
    Apr 07, 2016 By Eduan R. Maggo | Editor — Country Guides
    Heo Nam Duk, South Korean Consul-General to Dubai, UAE, gives his take on the country
  • Daebak! K-pop comes to Abu Dhabi!
    Mar 15, 2016 By GN Focus staff
    The first Korean cultural convention here will feature music, food and other events
  • Seoul's soul food
    Nov 08, 2015 By Noni Edwards | Special to GN Focus
    South Korea’s food porn superstars take gastronomic voyeurism to the next level — in the process introducing the unique flavours of hansik to the rest of the world
  • UAE-Korea: A strategic partnership
    Nov 05, 2015 By Eduan R. Maggo | Editor — Country Guides, By Eduan R. Maggo | Editor — Country Guides
    After consolidating trade in traditional sectors, South Korea and the UAE expand cooperation in new areas such as defence and health care
  • Travel: The best festivals in South Korea
    Nov 05, 2015 By D. Hari Nair | Special to GN Focus
    With a multifaceted culture, history and tradition, South Korea has a lot to offer, and visiting different festivals is among the best ways to experience it
  • South Korea: A robotics love story
    Nov 05, 2015 By Deepak Karambelkar | Special to GN Focus
    The country takes advanced robotics seriously, in an attempt to realise its vision of having a robot in every home by 2020
  • South Korea is building the Gulf
    Nov 05, 2015 By Arno Maierbrugger | Special to GN Focus
    From Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to Abu Dhabi's Barakah nuclear power station, the Doha Metro and projects in Saudi Arabia, Korean construction companies are making their mark
  • Uncovering Seoul's soul
    Oct 27, 2015 By Tamara Thiessen | Special to GN Focus
    The pulsating South Korean capital is seeing a new class of design-centric urban spaces, shops, architecture and hotels developing into fresh hotspots